Above: First poster for Leaves of Grass (click to enlarge), which begins shooting on September 22.

Tim Blake Nelson and Edward Norton were on-hand in Toronto on Sunday to discuss their upcoming film, Leaves of Grass. Nelson wrote the script and will act in and direct the film, while Norton will play the dual lead roles of identical twin brothers.

Here's what we were told of the storyline: Bill Kincaid is a buttoned-up Ivy League philosophy professor; his pot-growing twin brother lures him back to his hometown in rural Oklahoma for an ill-conceived deal to bilk a local drug-lord (Richard Dreyfuss), described by Nelson as being like "a Jewish T. Boone Pickens in the Tulsa Jewish community". Bill gets entangled in his brother's schemes and implicated in a murder, and his ordered philosophical life starts to fall apart. Also starring in the film are Susan Sarandon as Bill's estranged mother and Keri Russell as a love interest for one of the brothers. Nelson will play the friend of one of the brothers.