I'm sure I wasn't the only one sad to see Ebert & Roeper officially head off the air recently, but those of you really hurting will be happy to know the show made one final appearance last night during the season premiere of Entourage on HBO. And what a review they gave Medellin -- the fictional Pablo Escobar biopic starring Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) in a horrible fat suit. Last season on the show, the movie premiered at Cannes and was booed off the stage. Thus, at the beginning of this episode (and via Richard Roeper), we learn poor old Medellin went straight to DVD.

My favorite part of the episode, however, comes when Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) enters his office the morning after the Medellin review aired on Ebert & Roeper. And so, for a bonus treat, check out that scene after the jump (though keep in mind a couple of F-bombs are dropped). Love this show. Welcome back boys!