Jeepers, it was a slow weekend. I'm not even two sentences into this post, and I'm already bored. I'll keep this short.

The weekend's top film and the only new wide release -- Lionsgate's Bangkok Dangerous earned a whopping $7.8 million. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: Gene, when was the last time a #1 movie made that little money? The answer is: precisely on the same weekend of the year back in 2003, when Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star took first place with $6.7 million. Here's Box Office Mojo's chart on the subject.

Bangkok Dangerous duked it out with Tropic Thunder, now in its fourth weekend, for the top slot. Bangkok won by less than half a million, and Tropic Thunder is headed for $100 million by next weekend.

The House Bunny turned out to be the weekend's strongest holdover, going from fourth place to third in its second weekend of release. With box-office receipts generally on the decline, resilient performers The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia!look to finally be taking some bigger hits.

That's about it I think. The full numbers after the jump.