The latest balls-out (literally) comedy from Kevin Smith, titled Zack and Miri Make a Porno, has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and buzz so far has been pretty damn positive. We'll have a review for you soon, but I will say (after having seen it) that the flick does not disappoint -- it's filthy, raunchy and foul-mouthed, but it packs a ton of heart and more than a few hilarious moments. Definitely an audience film, so see it in the theater and have fun. (p.s. Craig Robinson steals this mofo hands down!) In the meantime, here's what some folks are saying:

"Call this one definitely better (and certainly more smoothly shot and cut) than Clerks II, heads and shoulders above Jersey Girl, a bit funnier than Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, livelier and more entertaining that Dogma, almost as intimate and touching as Chasing Amy, much better than Mallrats and not as good as the original Clerks." -- Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere

"Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks are enormously appealing as longtime roommates who have no idea they love each other. Yes, it's all hearts and flowers if you just remember to take those anal sex jokes in stride." The Hollywood Reporter

"Chemistry between Rogen and Banks is excellent; he bangs out the crude talk with well-practiced, nonchalant expertise, and she?s totally game, throwing it right back at him. Robinson?s deadpan outrage and acceptance of insanity see him neatly underplaying everyone else, and everyone else pitches in to create a nutty group portrait of try-anything common folk." Variety