Click image to check out an exclusive clip from Rachel Getting Married

has just received this exclusive clip from the much buzzed-about Rachel Getting Married, which just recently enjoyed its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. A few folks I know already named this their favorite of the fest so far, and we haven't stopped hearing Anne Hathaway's name being tossed around during early Oscar conversations. The film, which was directed by Jonathan Demme, follows a woman (Hathaway) who returns home for her sister's wedding following several stints in rehab.

In his review from TIFF, James said this of the film: "Rachel Getting Married is a terse, smart, funny and tough family drama about forgiveness and failure written by Jenny Lumet; it's also a loose, smart, broad and bright film about family and love directed by Jonathan Demme. When these two things are in sync, the end result is something truly impressive – a moving story that appeals to your heart and soul without insulting your intelligence, a film full of big scenes that never stoops to the most obvious possible iteration of those big scenes, a movie loaded with great and sincere performances from the top down."

Rachel Getting Married arrives in theaters on October 3rd. Click the photo above to check out an exclusive clip.