I'm just over a week away from experiencing my very first Fantastic Fest at the fairly awesome Alamo Drafthouse in the fairly awesome town of Austin, Texas. Word from attendees of the past couple of years, including our own S. Weinberg, suggests that this year's Fest will itself be -- you guessed it -- fairly awesome.

On the one hand, FF is infamous for selling, and selling out, its badges for the following year during the current year's festivities. On the other, they've teamed up with sponsors AMD and B-Side to offer up five short films and five full features for free upon their website from September 14th through the 20th. You must sign up for the B-Side community in order to partake, but that's easy enough (and similarly free of charge), and then you get to cast a vote for the 'online audience favorite' award to be given out at the formal ceremony come the 22nd.

As far as the features offered go -- Dr. Infierno, I Think We're Alone Now, La Creme, Rule of Three, and South of Heaven -- I've only seen the second one, and when it comes to the shorts, among them is a killer Christmas tree short from the minds behind Hobo with a Shotgun that sounds too tempting to wait a week for. Should any of you indulge in the whole nine well, ten yards, do let us know what you think of which titles.

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