I think this is going to be one of the greatest cinematic pair-ups of all time -- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Julie Andrews. I may be exaggerating a tad, but I am deadly serious. I really can't think of anything more charming, and it's really happening according to The Hollywood Reporter. (Editorial note: It's almost as crazy as Vin Diesel and Judi Dench! --SW)

The immortal Ms. Andrews is joining the cast of Tooth Fairy, which Ashley Judd joined just days ago. As mentioned in Peter's earlier post, Johnson plays a minor-league hockey player named Derek Thompson who has a tendency to knock out the teeth of his opponents. His inherent meanness causes him to crush some child's vague hope, presumably in the Tooth Fairy herself, and he gets sentenced to one week's hard labor as a real tooth fairy. And yes, that's complete with wings, tutu, magic wand, and lots of glitter. Somehow, the gig makes him rediscover his own hopes and dreams, quite possibly of a life in dentistry rather than minor league hockey.

Andrews will play Lily, a high-ranking and cutting supervisor of tooth fairies. If she does not have a beautiful fairy costume, I'll be angry. Suffering her biting wit will be Stephen Merchant, of The Office and Extras fame, who hasn't earned his wings and must act as Thompson's case worker.

As silly as the film sounds, it does have a good cast. My interest is unashamedly piqued now, because I adore Andrews, and I want to see her browbeat The Rock and force him into pink outfits. Also, I think there is humor to be milked from how gross the job of a tooth fairy really is. My mom still reminds us how disgusting it was to try and retrieve our bloody teeth from under our pillow. See? Hilarity!

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