It's only because Mark Young's upcoming The Killing Jar sounds like a nifty cross between hostage thriller and monster movie that I think this piece is worthy of note -- but there's also the fact that the film now has guys like Michael Madsen, Harold Perrineau, and Danny Trejo attached. And anyone who loves action / horror / B-movies in general has to be somewhat intrigued by that particular ensemble.

Mr. Young, who last year gave us the half-decent Tooth and Nail as part of the After Dark Horrorfest, will direct his own screenplay. The title is indeed The Killing Jar, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's about "a stranger armed with a shotgun who takes seven patrons hostage at a remote roadside diner. As the body count rises, the survivors discover that one of the hostages might be more dangerous than their captor." Count me in for this one. Any guesses, folks? One of the hostages is ... a werewolf! An alien! Bruce Wayne! I have no idea, but based on the flick's title, I'm guessing it's something icky and biological.

Production on The Killing Jar is presently underway in North Carolina. According to the IMDb, Kevin Gage, Lew Temple, and Lindsey Axelsson (yowza) are also on board. Needless to say (only because nobody would ever ask), this project is not a remake of this flick.
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