I am getting a terrible sense of deja vu -- I skimmed this Variety article very quickly, thinking as I read "Oh, I remember reading the reviews of this book, and I always meant to pick it up." But then I saw the word "preemptively" and realized it hadn't been published yet. So either there's a novel out there that's eerily similar, or I'm no longer existing in space or time, like a red-haired and clothed Dr. Manhattan. What if I came up with the story first and never wrote it down?

Anyway, according to the aforementioned article, producer Michael De Luca has snapped up the rights to Richard Doetsch's not-yet-published novel, The Thirteenth Hour. It hasn't even been taken to publishers yet, but De Luca's got it, and is taking it to his old New Line stomping grounds. It's described as a cross between The Bourne Identity and The Time Traveler's Wife, following a man who is accused of brutally murdering his wife. He's given a chance to save her by going back in time, but only in one hour increments, where he must put together clues leading to who killed her, and why. "It has a great cinematic structure that unfolds in reverse," says De Luca. So far, no director or starting date has been attached to the project.

Maybe my memory is ringing because of its faint resemblance to Memento or Deja Vu? It sounds like a combination of those two more than anything else. I'm always up for a time traveling story that isn't by Michael Crichton, though, and I'll be happy with a sci-fi version of The Fugitive. And just think of how many actors out there who are dying to do a Harrison Ford impression!
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