It's a desert of geek movie news out there, and my muse is obviously on vacation with a Spartan, leaving me high and dry. So, I thought I would do something a bit twee, and interview my mom. Many of you know her, she was the subject of a very popular Mother's Day column. She's becoming an interesting test subject, as she slowly gets sucked into the world of comic books, their movies, and conventions. Until now, she's been largely dismissive of the genre because "they were a kid thing." What follows are the impressions of a comic book newbie, who has been bombarded with Marvel and DC movies until they give in -- or at least what happens when you mention Iron Man to my mom. My questions, as few and bland as they were, are in bold. (And after this was over, she took my copies of Astonishing X-Men, Mark Millar's Wolverine, and Weapon X to further her education.)

I think you should start by telling everyone the first comic book you read was.
You threw me into the fire with Watchmen. It was like sink or swim. Not just a comic book – a graphic novelof epic proportions.

And did you like it when you finally finished it?

Yeah. I did end up liking it a lot, even though I bitched through the entire thing. The story reeled me in far enough that I was forced to keep going back and reading it. I couldn't let it go, even though I abhorred just about everything about it. I hated the art, I hated the colors, I hated the characters, although I came to like some of them at the end. The story kept me going.
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