Box office numbers were way down this week, letting Bangkok Dangerous take the top spot with a figure that is frankly nothing to brag about. Here's the rundown:

1. Bangkok Dangerous: $7.8 million
2. Tropic Thunder: $7.2 million
3. The Dark Knight: $5.5 million
4. The House Bunny: $5.5 million
5. Traitor: $4.2 million

We've got five new releases this week. Will any of these be able to bolster a sagging box office? Let's see.

Burn After Reading
What's It All About:
In the newest film from Ethan and Joel Coen, Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand star as health club employees who find a CD full of classified information left behind by a CIA agent played by John Malkovich. George Clooney also stars.
Why It Might Do Well:
This is an awesome cast and those are the No Country For Old Men guys behind the camera. The film also scored a 75% Fresh rating at
Why It Might Not Do Well: Jennifer Aniston's followers may not have forgiven Brad yet.
Number of Theaters:
$12 million