It's the end of the world as we know it ... and I have a good feeling about Chris Pine.

Terminator Salvation: Will the Governator show up in the new Terminator film? While Arnold won't be officially reprising his role in the flesh, word has it the legendary action star turned Governor of California was on set providing voice work so that those Hollywood effects wizards could take his old face and put it on someone else's bulked-up body ... and still have the Arnold we all know and love. Latino Review is currently hosting a photo that shows Arnold talking to Christian Bale behind the scenes. Is it a real photo? A photoshop job? We can't tell, but I wouldn't put it past McG to have more than a few surprises up his sleeves. Terminator: Salvation hits theaters on May 22.

Star Trek: While we won't be getting a brand new re-booted Star Trek movie for Christmas (thanks for nothing Santa!), the new look Trek will eventually touch down next May. However, one filmmaker has seen the almost-finished product and he's spilling only one or two of the beans. Speaking to MTV, Kevin Smith said "It's really strong. [J.J. Abrams] was rejiggering the opening few scenes. It's one of those things where you first heard about it and were like no they're not going to redo 'Star Trek'! And then you see the movie and you think, wow he did pull it off! He turned it into a viable renewed franchise." According to Smith, Chris Pine steals the show as the young Captain Kirk and Zoe Saldana is "really great" as Uhuru too.

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