Writer-director Wes Anderson is probably most famous for his quirky character studies, but lately you can't help but notice the guy has been branching out. First up was an animated film, and now it's on to any studio's most prized posession: the remake. Variety reports that Anderson has signed with Universal and Imagine Entertainment to write a remake of the 2006 French comedy, Mon meilleur ami (My Best Friend). So far, Anderson is just in charge of the script, but there's already talk he might be eying the project as his next directorial gig.

Patrice Leconte's original film starred Daniel Auteuil as a cantankerous antiques dealer who has the misfortune of overhearing his friends at a dinner party. When he learns the unfortunate truth about what they really think of him, he's forced to acknowledge his unappealing traits. But the humiliation doesn't stop there; our unloved antiquarian then makes a bet with a business partner to produce at least one friend, and of course, he doesn't have any. So instead, he hires an amiable cab driver to pose as his life-long pal.

There has always been a touch of the misanthropic in Anderson's work, so it seems like My Best Friend would be a natural fit. Besides, now that Anderson has finished working on the adaptation of Roald Dahl'sThe Fantastic Mr. Fox, it's the perfect time to lock him into his next job. So even if the guy doesn't decide to direct, at least we are getting a Wes Anderson script ... and that should count for something, right?

Would you want to see a Wes Anderson-penned film that wasn't also directed by the man himself?
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