I feel like Drew Barrymore is trying to tell us girls something with her latest movie roles. This fall, she tells us He's Just Not That Into You, and now according to The Hollywood Reporter, she's telling us How to Be Single. She's been rather unlucky in romance, so maybe this is her form of therapy.

New Line bought the rights to Liz Tuccillo's summer bestseller for Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen's Flower Films to produce, with the entire Into You gang coming on board. Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn will write the screenplay. There's no word on director, or whether Barrymore will star, but she generally does headline her Flower Films.

Both Into You and Single are the products of Liz Tuccillo's pen, former Sex and the City writer, and New Line hopes that a trifecta of might-as-well-be-spinoffs keep female moviegoers buying tickets.
And it will probably work because How to Be Single, not surprisingly, sounds like a variation on Sex. It's the story of five single New York women, one of whom decides to travel the world to see how international women manage to fly solo. Naturally, while listening to global stories of romances successful and disastrous, she finds herself enjoying a foreign love affair. Naturally, her friends back home get their turn to, and become embroiled in all kinds of romantic mishaps. They probably all end up with versions of Mr. Big.

I'm curious about what the message of the book is. Is it how to maintain your single state? How to be fulfilled in it? How to overcome it? I find singledom to be riveting! Staying up all night, spending your weekends reading graphic novels and historical novels, no one to notice if you've combed your hair. Yikes, maybe I do need this book. Help me, Drew Barrymore! You're my only hope.
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