Breakfast With Scot'My Two Dads' meets 'Youngblood' meets 'Kissing Jessica Stein.'

Oh, Tom Cavanagh, we've missed you!

He's been around lately, of course -- as Eli's aneurysm-and-alcohol-challenged dead dad on 'Eli Stone,' JD's slacker brother on 'Scrubs,' and star of the short-lived series 'Love Monkey' -- but nothing compared to his weekly four- year gig on 'Ed,' which made him a household name.

Now he's got the starring role in 'Breakfast With Scot,' playing Sam, a sports broadcaster and former pro hockey player. So he's a jock, basically, with a twist: He's in a committed relationship with current pro hockey player Ed (Ben Shenkman). And no, that's not short for Edwina.

None of their colleagues or teammates know anything about their relationship, and they're happy to keep it that way until Ed's young nephew Scot (Noah Bernett) arrives, his mother having just died. Unlike his two new, jock dads, Scot likes show tunes and fashion, and hates sports. And fearing how the other kids might treat him if he acts "different," Sam takes it upon himself to show Scot how to behave ... well, "not gay."

Check out the exclusive trailer for 'Breakfast With Scot,' which opens on October 10. Fun fact: Cavanagh, who's Canadian, played hockey in college. So he knows his slap shot from his slapstick.

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