With the success of The Dark Knight in both IMAX and conventional theaters, chances are our next big superhero movies will take a page out of Christopher Nolan's playbook and shoot a few scenes in IMAX. Not only does it look hella cool, but it's also a great marketing tool. Beyond that, it won't be long before we're watching our first live-action Marvel flick in 3-D too, and if Jon Favreau has his way, Iron Man 2 might just be that film.

Speaking during a mini press conference for the Iron Man DVD, Favreau addressed a few questions regarding the highly-anticipated sequel. Collider tells us this: "... the highlight was Jon saying he'd love to do Iron Man 2 in 3D! He also called the IMAX Dark Knight footage a game changer and he said he'd love to shoot part of Iron Man 2 in IMAX. Regarding the 3D, he said it's all about the cost, but if they can make it happen he'd like to do it. He talked about getting to see the armor in 3D and how cool it would be."

Personally, I'm not so sure I'd want to see Iron Man 2 in 3-D. That, coupled with the whole IMAX what-to-do, just feels a little too gimmicky for me. I'd rather see them concentrate on creating a sequel that's more entertaining than the first, with a better story, engaging characters and awesome fights. I'll take the IMAX scenes, sure, but hold back on the 3-D for now.

But what do you think?

Iron Man 2
is scheduled to hit theaters on April 30, 2010.
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