One of my very first posts on Cinematical was on Leonardo DiCaprio's Akira remake -- and my inbox was flooded for days with cries of protest and racism. Hopefully, all of those readers will be pleased at the news that at least one Anglo-American is no longer associated with the production.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was caught by MTV at the Toronto Film Festival, where he blew off any and all suggestion that he was ever cast in the film. "That just goes to show what you can believe about what people write about movies. I love the movie Akira. I still have yet to read the manga, but that's really just a rumor. They don't have a script or anything." Quite possibly, DiCaprio isn't going to star in it either -- that was never mentioned in the initial trade stories, only from a source on Ain't It Cool News, who probably just saw a potential cast list or something.

There has been no news from the project since it was announced in February, there was nary a word about it at ComicCon, so I think we can all safely forget about seeing it next summer. Apparently, it wasn't on the fast track after all. Or maybe they heard the angry outcry from Akira fans from places like Cinematical, and are rethinking the entire thing. Perhaps the whole project is in the process of dissolving -- or maybe they heard the angry outcry from readers like you (wow, I sound like public television) and are rethinking the entire thing. Perhaps fans will get not only a faithful adaptation, but one with Japanese actors. I know, I know -- but we can dream, right?

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