Seven years ago today, our world was forever changed with the hijacking of four airplanes. Two of those airplanes were crashed into each tower of New York's World Trade Center, eventually causing both to collapse completely, while another plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D,C. and the last -- thanks to the courageous people onboard who fought back against their captors -- crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. We all know where we were and what we were doing the morning these planes crashed, and remember how beautiful it was to see the country and the world come together to mourn the lives lost.

On this seventh anniversary of 9/11, Snag Films is spotlighting the documentary7 Days in September, which chronicles the events of 9/11 and the way in which we coped with the destruction. From the synopsis: "With material from almost 30 filmmakers, director Steven Rosenbaum turns the tragic events of September 11, 2001-the memories of which are forever jarred in our psyches-into a moving portrait of emotion, loss and even kindness. Although the film uses footage of the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and the resulting catastrophic loss, it also hones in on New York City's tremendous ability to rebuild, through will and compassion."

Definitely snag the movie above and watch it for free, and you can also make a donation to the National September 11th Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center over on the film's official Snag Films page.
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