Plenty of musicians have made the transfer from the recording studio to the silver screen, and with varyingresults. But, it probably isn't so common to see a rock star who's willing to stay behind the scenes. The Hollywood Reporter announced that WB has picked up The Karma Coalition, a spec script written by rocker Shawn Christensen. Christensen is probably best known for his work as lead singer of Stellastar, an indie rock outfit that's toured with Jane's Addiction and The Killers.

According to THR, "The story centers on a professor who engages in a game of cat and mouse with a corrupt detective after he's told his dead wife of five years might still be alive. He uncovers the existence of a secret organization responsible for faking her death but suffers the consequences of that knowledge." The project was written by Christensen and his partner, Jason Dolan. Dan Lin will be producing the flick for Lin Pictures along with the WB. Lin already has some high profile films like Sherlock Holmes and Terminator Salvation in the pipeline, so a low stress thriller probably came as a welcome relief.

Even though Karma sounds like your usual Hollywood thriller (and it was written by two guys with minimal film credits to say the least), WB must have seen something in the idea. The studio will be shelling out $750,000 against $1.5 million for the project *and have attached Joe Russo to direct (which is an odd choice if you ask me, considering Russo's last flick was You, Me and Dupree), and 21's Jim Sturgess to star. So while Karma might not have the best 'film pedigree', at least Christensen already has a day job.

*Correction: Joe Russo and Jim Sturgess are attached to another Dolan/Christensen project, titled, Sidney Hall.

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