Eagle EyeBilly Bob Thornton walks loudly, carries a big gun.

In 'Eagle Eye,'Shia LaBeouf teams back up with his 'Disturbia' director D.J. Caruso for a thriller in which an evil and mysterious Big Brother is watching -- and manipulating -- via electronic devices of all kinds.

LaBeouf plays a young slacker who, shortly after his brother's death in Iraq, walks back into his apartment to find boxes and boxes of guns and bomb-making materials sitting in his living room. Oops. And then the FBI shows up. Oops, again.

The always badass Billy Bob Thornton plays one of the feds assigned to hunt LaBeouf down, and this exclusive clip shows him waving guns around in excellent badass mode. But even more interesting ... yep, his partner is played by one Ethan Embry, also known as the lovelorn Preston in 'Can't Hardly Wait.'

'Eagle Eye' opens September 26.

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