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Cinematical has just received this exclusive clip from Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway, which just ended its 12-year run in New York City earlier this month. And to celebrate the show (which I've personally seen roughly four times in those twelve years), Sony Pictures Releasing's new special programming division THE HOT TICKET is bringing the version of Rent we all know and love to select movie screens across the country.

But this isn't just the taping of some random performance -- oh no, cameras were allowed into the theater to record two special performances (one at the end of August and the final night), and it's a combo of these which will take theaters by storm beginning September 24th. You Rent-heads will only have four days to see it, though, so make sure you clear out some time on the 24th, 25th, 27th and 28th and catch a Broadway show at your local Cineplex. Heck, it's a lot cheaper than visiting New York for the weekend ... trust me on that one. For more -- including images, video, ticket and participating theater info -- head on over to the Hot Ticket official website.

To watch the exclusive video, head after the jump or click the image above. Enjoy.