Do I smell like Toronto? That's because I just got back from the film festival they have up there, and the scent of independent film still lingers. (It smells like Patricia Clarkson.) So I am very much in the mood for this week's edition of the Indie Spotlight, which is all about what's opening beyond the multiplexes this weekend!

Six flicks hit the big screen today: Flow: For Love of Water, Forgiveness, Greetings from the Shore, Moving Midway, Proud American, and Towelhead. Here's the scoop on each of them.
What it is: A dark comedy from Six Feet Under creator (and American Beauty writer) Alan Ball, based on Alicia Erian's novel about an adolescent Arab-American girl living in Texas during the first Gulf War.
What they're saying:Cinematicalliked it when it premiered at Toronto last year under the title Nothing Is Private. At Rotten Tomatoes, the critics are split 50/50 as I write this, some applauding its audacity and wit, others calling it reprehensible. (Personally, I'm in the first camp.)
Where it's playing: New York City (Angelika Film Center, AMC Loews Lincoln Square), Los Angeles (ArcLight Hollywood, The Landmark), and Garland, Texas (Walnut Theaters). I assume the random Texas location is because the film was shot there? Maybe?
More info: The official site has a list of when the film opens in other cities. It's rolling out pretty heavily in the next few weeks, so people outside of New York, L.A., and Garland will be able to see it soon.