I have many vague and silly memories regarding the TV shows produced by The Krofft Brothers. Viewed through an adult's eyes, programs like Land of the Lost (43 episodes), H.R. Pufnstuf (17 episodes), and Far Out Space Nuts (16 episodes) might seem like the pinnacle of stupidity -- and that's because most adults are smart. (OK, Land of the Lost was pretty cool, fine, and I could see it turning into a half-decent adventure-comedy flick, but we won't know for sure until next summer.) But while Lost and Pufnstuf flicks are already in the works, we have a new Krofft Superstar who's about to make his silver screen debut.

Even as a kid I couldn't stomach Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (29 episodes). It was about a creature (who looked like a giant plate of fried matzo) who lived in the beach house of two moronic brothers. Each week Sigmund would be ALMOST discovered by someone, only to have the surfer bros save the day somehow. There was also a pair of nasty sea monster brothers, which begs the question: Why was the show called "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters," when ALL of 'em were sea monsters? Perhaps "Beach Dummies and the Sea Monsters" would have made more sense, but at this point I'm digressing for two whole paragraphs.

Anyway, Universal just wrote the Kroffts a check and hired Dana Gould to write the Sigmund screenplay. According to Variety, "The Kroffts said they hope to follow with the remaining properties originated on The Krofft Supershow, which include Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (8 episodes), Lidsville (17 episodes), The Bugaloos (17 episodes), Dr. Shrinker (16 episodes), Bigfoot and Wildboy (20 episodes) and Wonderbug (22 episodes)" -- to which I can only respond ... "please, don't."
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