It's the movie that just keeps on going -- just like its subject matter on a 109 degree summer's day. The Hollywood Reporter says that Ye Olde Times, which saw Jack Black and Lindsay Lohan visiting the Ren Faire has now been revamped into All's Faire in Love. It lost Black and Lohan along the way, but it's aquired Christina Ricci, Owen Benjamin, Cedric the Entertainer, Bill Engvall, and Nadine Velazquez.

The plot sounds as though it has gone an overhaul as well -- the story is now centered on Benjamin, whose shiny new drama degree has landed him a job with a Renaissance Faire theater troupe. Reduced to being their fetch boy, he meets a Faire virgin played by Ricci. That's a virgin to the Renaissance Faire, not the Shakesperean sense of "a faire virgin." But his swashbuckling colleagues aim to disrupt his budding romance.

Cedric is taking the role of Professor Shockworthy, who narrates the story in the fairy-tale style. Of the original cast, only Matthew Lillard seems to remain. Everyone else ever associated with the project has vanished, and has been replaced by Ann-Margaret and Louise Griffiths. The director job has also shifted from writer Robert A. White to Scott Marshall.

So much upheaval is rarely good for a film -- and while I adore Ricci, and find her a trade up from Lohan, it bodes ill to lose Cary Elwes (who is necessary in any film with tights) and Black. As cheesy as the premise sounds, the world of Renaissance Faire is ripe for a really good comedy. I know, I've spent too many years there. I don't know if All's Faire will be the send-up I'm looking for, but I'd like to hope it is.
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