While I would love to believe Eva Longoria-Parker is carrying those issues of The Avengers around for her own geeky pleasure, I've never heard of her being the comic book type. According to Flawed Hollywood, she was snapped leaving Marvel Studios, issues and business card in hand. Speculation is rampant that she might be in the running to play Janet Van Dyne, aka Wasp in The Avengers movie. (The 2011 release date fits perfectly with the end of Desperate Housewives.) The only problem with that is that when Jon Favreau revealed the Avengers line-up Marvel was then toying with, Wasp wasn't on it. Have they revised it, having heard geek girls wishing for a superheroine? Or could this be for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man? Or do these comics represent a group of new properties they're looking to develop for a female lead?

It's a long way from carrying comics to playing a part -- would Longoria make a good Wasp? She certainly has the right haircut. If not, which female Marvel character would you like to see her play?

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