We're only a few days in, and there's already been a lot of music-themed film news this week -- from word of an Ozzy documentary to Roger Daltry's disappointment with possible scripts for that Keith Moon flick. But those are nothing compared to the little nugget over at MTV. Even without "I'm Going Slightly Mad" on the media player, this tidbit sounds so utterly nuts that it must be discussed.

It seems that way back when, stunt coordinator Joel Kramer went to James Cameron's office to look at storyboards for Terminator 2, and "I was like, 'Jim, these storyboards look just like Billy Idol!' And he was like, 'Yeah, he was my first pick.' But Billy had gotten into a motorcycle accident and broke his leg, so it didn't work out, because he would have to be in lean running shape." Those are storyboards for the T-1000. Yes folks, that means that before Robert Patrick, James Cameron wanted Billy frickin' Idol. Billy Idol! I mean, sure, Billy can curl his lip like he's liquid metal, but that's not quite good enough for being an almost-unbeatable Terminator. (I love ya, Billy ... just not for a part in T2.)

And now, if you watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you know that Shirley Manson (the ever-lovely front-woman for Garbage) is a T-1001. I don't get this obsession with rock icons and liquid metal people, so I'll just stick with the easier question: Should musicians become movie stars? I mean, can you imagine the Rebel Yell sounding as Edward Furlong ran for his life? Helping Robbie get Julia before she married Glenn Goulia was cool, but that's not quite the same thing as hunting down the scourge of machines in the future.
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