Between October 2nd and 7th, eight competitors will attempt to cast the new Guinness World Record for most consecutive hours spent watching movies right in the middle of Times Sqaure, and only one will walk away with the title.

Oh, and a lifetime subscription to sponsor Netflix. And the inaugural "Popcorn Bowl" trophy. Not to mention $10,000 in cash (which hopefully won't be awarded right in the middle of Times Square).

Ashish Sharma happens to hold the current record of 120 hours and 23 minutes (!), so he'll be traveling from Mathura, India to Manhattan in order to keep that title amidst former champions, and even rookies -- yes, anyone who goes to the proper Facebook page can follow the rules and submit their video in order to win a chance to participate. Contestants will watch 56 movies straight (titles TBD), with ten-minute breaks in between, and medical professionals will apparently ensure that those competing are actually "watching" as opposed to "staring" at the screen.

(Me, I'll be the one trying to set the world record for most time spent watching the watchers. Take that, Guinness!)

So, what's the longest that you've ever gone in front of the screen?

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