It looks like once Ben Affleck cleans up the not-so-sexy straggly, shaggy-man look for Extract, he's going to town. The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's in negotiations to write, direct, and star in The Town -- a romance/heist flick. It's about a gal bank manager who has her heart broken by a thief "who stole more than her heart" and an FBI agent trying to bust him. Yes, more bad guy allure versus good guy aggravation, I'm sure. Ben has already got all sorts of Best Feature and Most Promising Director accolades, so do you think he's got another gem in him, or will he hit the sophomore slump?

Universal Studios Hollywood will offer an extended first look at The Wolfman on its "Terror Tram" as part of the park's Halloween Horror Nights, beginning October 3rd. (Footage to arrive online -- what -- October 4th, ya think?) Said tram takes you to places like the Bates Motel, Psycho House and the "tortured landscape" of War of the Worlds. (Trip to the set of Ace Ventura Jr. not included on Terror Tram for some odd reason.) has just announced that its subsidiary, IMDB (aka Internet Movie Database), has begun showcasing both feature films and TV shows on its website for users to watch for free. While at first it looks to be more suitable for the casual TV viewer who wants to watch an episode of 30 Rock before its first air date (one pretty cool feature), the announcement indicates that "over 6,000 titles will be available." Films available now include Some Like It Hot, Liar, Liar, Bring It On, Fiddler on the Roof and more (in addition to a whole bunch of shorts). Anyone else losing track of all the different places online where one can download a film or TV program and watch for free? [The Hollywood Reporter]
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