It's a quiet day on the news front -- mostly casting rumors shot down before I even had a chance to hear them. Now I get to do the same to you, readers!

  • Will Smith is, for the last time, not playing Captain America. Rumors of Smith playing Cap were everywhere (including here) and it wasn't as crazy as it seemed. The first Captain America was African-American, after all, and the clunky title The First Avenger: Captain America could suggest they would honor that mythology. But they're not -- not only did Ain't It Cool News debunk it earlier this month, but Smith has confirmed it. In fact, he told MTV he hadn't even heard the rumor.
  • David Boreanaz is not the Green Lantern. Rumors flew that he was in consideration, as his face was used in the concept art, but as Hal Jordan is 27 and Boreanaz is in his late 30's, he's believed to be too old. (So that happens to actors as well as actresses? Good to know.) Latino Review has a script review up -- I'll refrain from posting anything here as it's kind of spoilerish but in short, they love it. For those avoiding the spoilers of LR, I'll leave you with a quote from The Pulse's chat with the film's writer Marc Guggenheim. He was fresh off the rewrite, and promises that it's "an incredibly faithful rendition of the character."
  • Brett Ratner says he was once part of the J.J. Abrams Superman -- and tells MTV that he'd like a crack at the Warner Bros reboot, especially if they are really going for a dark and edgy take. Will the film unexpectedly switch from day to night halfway through to illustrate this darkness?
  • A Paramount preview in London let fans peek at GI Joe and Star Trek. The former was iffy, with the action being stylized, typical of Stephen Sommers, and complaints of the character development being "terrible." What was seen of Trek suggested "immense fun." I am chomping at the bit to see some footage of that flick -- and despite having once worn a Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform, I am the furthest thing you can find from a Trekkie.
Sparse offerings indeed, readers. What will we talk about? How about arguing whether or not Boreanaz has enough of a baby face to play Hal Jordan? Or how you knew G.I. Joe wouldn't be very good? Fire away!
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