I can't throw these up for you to conveniently click on right in the post (fie embedding disabled!), but read on for links to two funky new television spots.

First up is Adam Sandler'sBedtime Stories. We've seen the gumballs rain down on Sandler, and now there's a cute TV spot to get the whole gist of the picture. Basically, Mr. Zohan plays an architect who concocts bedtime stories for his niece and nephew. They begin coming true, but it's not only raining sugar and fantastic tales of a dude named Skiacus (or Skeetacus? I don't know..). The kids throw dangerous, awe-inspiring feats into the mix, and Sandler must face them in real life. It's a cute premise and I've got to say, a thoroughly enjoyable trailer. Sandler is the perfect guy to match ridiculous feats with real incredulity, and this is the first time I've been excited for a Sandler film in eons. I just hope he doesn't decide to take the Eddie Murphy route and get stuck in the goofy family film rut.

Meanwhile, there's also a new spot for the James Bond extravaganza, Quantum of Solace. It's got all you need to get excited for the film -- Bond music, toughness, and lots of quick clips of action. This is going to be one gorgeous movie that I'm dying to see on the big screen. (And I say this as one of the few who wasn't thrilled with the first installment.) Only 58 days to go!