I Think We're Alone Nowis being called one of the most frightening films you'll see at Fantastic Fest 2008 – and while I agree with that opinion whole-heartedly, I'd temper it by saying it is one of the most deeply upsetting films you will see there. You'll find yourself jerking back from the screen in horror, while simultaneously wanting to cry at the naked misery of its subjects, and then laughing at how quickly a lifelong affection can be forgotten. Best of all, you can watch it for free thanks to B Side Entertainment.

Frankly, anyone who has ever been devoted to anything – be it Firefly, hockey, or U2 – will shift a little uncomfortably in their seats. I know I did. I found myself glancing at my desk and wanting to rip down every bit of fandom that has gathered there over the years – and realizing I should never, ever, joke about marrying various actors in public again. I began to believe the only thing separating me from Tiffany's stalker, Jeffery Deane Turner, is the fact that I lack a mind-control helmet. (This is why I never took more than one psychology class in college – I started fearing that I was schizophrenic or washing my hands more than Howard Hughes.)