This really is my favorite time of the year: Days are just warm enough, nights have that slight autumn-ish smell, you start seeing pumpkins, black cats and Saw sequel posters everywhere ... ah yeah: Halloween is coming! Now obviously I'm not into candy like I used to be (just give me a plain Hershey bar and I'm happy), but I do love the fact that even HORROR has its own season. Like, if you enjoy being scared, October's the month to do it in. Could be PG-rated chills on a hay ride with your six-year-old, could be a goofy pre-teen sleepover where moms does that "eww, these grapes are eyebaaaaalllllllls" trick, or it could be my kind of Halloween season: Packed to the rafters with digital terrors.

So as I was perusing the schedules and doing the "ooh, gimme" thing on a bunch of DVDs, I thought it might be more fun to do it publicly.

September 9 & 16

For the fans: Brand-new widescreen special editions of Child's Play AND Pupmkinhead! OK, and the Beetlejuice special edition -- even though it's the lamest SE since Poltergeist.

For the family: Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour. Anyone?

For red-blooded men: Tiffany Shepis in Nympha, Jamie King in They Wait.

For the masochistic: Uwe Boll's Seed and his "comedy" version of House of the Dead.

September 23

Dario Argento returns with The Mother of Tears (which is wild), Tara Reid battles the Vipers (which is hilarious), and the star of Heroes deals with some painful Pathology. Also today: The Pang Brothers' Re-Cycle, which I hear is wild.
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