I know, I know: Why would Cinematical be writing a story about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? NO, there are no plans to turn this blisteringly funny little series into a movie -- at least none that I know of. I think I'll just extend the suspense a little longer...

Is it because yours truly was born and raised (and is currently seated in front of a computer) in Philadelphia? Despite the fact that this wonderful city gave us Rocky, The Sixth Sense, and Mannequin 2: On the Move -- the answer is no: We're not posting about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia because it takes place in an awesome city. (Go Phils!)

OK, maybe I'm just blathering about the comedy series because, let's face it, Sunny is much funnier than most Hollywood comedies. It just is. But that's not the reason either. Here's why you're reading a TV story on a movie blog:

Anyone remember Patrick Walsh? For a while there, and not very long ago, he was one of the Cinematical team, and guess what he's doing now. (No, really. Guess.) That's right: Writing episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As a matter of fact, Pat's first episode will have its world premiere TONIGHT on FX at 10:30 eastern. But you should just tune in at 10 because that's the season premiere, which is also brand-new. (And probably hilarious.) Mr. Walsh is also co-producing a lot of the show's web content, which is handily available at this blog right here.

So THAT's why I wasted all your valuable blog-browsing time: To congratulate a friend on landing a very cool gig. If you had my job you'd probably do the same thing. (Now who do I have to talk to if I want to write for The Office...?) For the rest of your TV blogging, I kindly refer you to the TV Squad, who are probably going giddy over all the new shows.
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