After a comatose weekend that saw the Bangkok Dangerous lead the pack with a whopping $7.8 million, the box office rebounded nicely with the first flock of fall arrivals, including Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys, The Coen Brothers'Burn After Reading, and Jon Avnet's Righteous Kill. Here are the final figures:

1. Burn After Reading: $19.1 million
2. Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys: $17.3 million
3. Righteous Kill: $16.2 million
4. The Women: $10.1 million
5. Tropic Thunder: $4.1 million

If you thought last weekend was a bit of a crapshoot, this weekend's not any easier, with three mid-major genre movies -- plus one animated one -- competing for whatever income you haven't lost in the stock market.

Lakeview Terrace
What It's About: Outraged that his new neighbors a) are an interracial couple, and b) didn't ask permission to plant those trees, an LAPD cop (Samuel L. Jackson) makes their lives hell. It's Jungle Fever meets Unlawful Entry.
Why It Might Do Well: Who hasn't had a god-awful neighbor before? Plus, Jackson is so much more fun to watch playing the rogue.
Why It Might Not Do Well: With so many god-awful neighbors in the world, people may be scarred. And with a PG-13 rating, Jackson may only be allowed a single "mutha f***a."
Number of Theaters: 2,400
Prediction: $17 million