Keira Knightley has to be getting fed up with those cumbersome period costumes. I mean, it helps that she's a waif and doesn't really need to worry about corset issues, but the wardrobe is still not all that pleasant to climb into. After being a Duchess, and heading into Lear-land, Varietyreports that Keira Knightley is going to star in a new film called Last Night. (No, this isn't a re-do of Don McKellar's film.) Starring Eva Mendes, Sam Worthington, and Guillaume Canet, the film focuses on a married couple with cheating temptations -- he spends time with a colleague he's attracted to, while she comes across her past love. (Sounds just like a moment out of My So-Called LIfe. You know.. Angela's mom hunting down her ex while her dad lusts for that Lowenthal woman.) The production will begin next month in New York. Can Knightley handle modern fare these days? Weigh in below!

Now, this next news isn't Pirates related, but still Disney-riffic. Variety reports that Dwayne Johnson -- aka The Rock -- is going to help turn another Disney ride into another big film. Forget Mr. Toad's Wild Ride; Johnson is taking on Tomorrowland. Disney is creating a space-centric starring vehicle for the actor, and they swear it's not based on Tomorrowland, but Variety seems to be sure. I say: If they do that, I want my Figment!

Finally, Carrie Fisher is getting herself some interesting work. While Princess Leia is being pretty mellow these days, The Hollywood Reporter posts that she is in negotiations to star in Sorority Row with Jamie Chung and Audrina Patridge. Yes, this is a remake of the ol' '80s flick The House on Sorority Row. Not surprisingly, Fisher would be the house's sorority mother if she signs on the dotted line. Will we ever get a moment to see her in a nice role again, and not a goofy cameo? Han Solo needs to come and save her from mediocre work.
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