Mark Wahlberg brings the 'Payne.'

You can't expect much depth from a movie based on a video game, but you can hope that what the "adaptation" lacks in profundity it makes up for in style.

From the looks of this second trailer -- set to a fitting rock ballad -- 'Max Payne' could be that proudly hyper-violent antidote to the Oscar bait that makes up most of the fall movie slate. It slightly resembles 'Shoot 'Em Up,' only with winged creatures and more style, and minus the carrots and over-the-top orgies of gunfire.

And you gotta like the cast. You've got a pissed off, vengeful Mark Wahlberg (screw that softie in 'The Happening'), a machine-gun wielding Mila Kunis, and a noirishly dapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges. We're in.

'Max Payne' opens October 17.

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