So during my trip to London this past week, we visited Pinewood Studios. I'll tell you all about that amazing adventure through movie history at a later date, but while walking through "The Mansion" to have lunch, I spotted several framed photos featuring images from films that have shot at Pinewood with little fun facts about each. Of course there were Bond films and Aliens and Eyes Wide Shut ... and Superman (1978). Regarding the latter, the fun fact talked about how Steven Spielberg was originally up for the director's chair on Superman. The producer's fought over Spielberg, because one wanted him to direct Supes and the other wanted to wait to see how "his fish movie" turned out. Of course, Jaws would go on to become one of the great films of our time, and when the producers finally came to their senses and offered Spielberg Superman, he was already attached to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and couldn't do it. Enter: Richard Donner.

But what would a Superman film directed by Steven Spielberg have looked like? Could you imagine? Word isTintin is now in trouble, with the possibility that Spielberg could be left without a new project to direct (save for Lincoln, if he should decide to finally delve into that one). In my opinion, Spielberg -- with his wholesome, Americana persona and expert eye for mass appeal action/adventure -- would be the perfect person to step in and helm a new, updated Superman. And while all these other franchises go dark, Spielberg could bring some much-needed light to the Man of Steel. (Plus I wouldn't mind seeing what a Spielberg-directed superhero flick would look like.)

What do you think? Could Steven Spielberg save Superman? And would you want him to?
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