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Although writer-director Guillermo Del Toro will be busy for the next 50-or-so years working on a slew of previously-announced projects (including The Hobbit and a new version of Frankenstein), there's still hope the man will return to complete a Hellboy trilogy with a third and final film. If that time should ever come, we here at Cinematical would like to urge (beg? blackmail?) Mr. Del Toro to please consider casting the woman above as -- I dunno -- Hellboy's long lost half-sister/daughter/make something up? Ahem. Dare I say that's one sucker punch I wouldn't mind leaning into. Not sure where this photo was taken (a friend sent it in), though we'd like to thank the anonymous Hellgirl above for her passion and dedication ... and we'd also like to thank the makers of red paint.

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