If you like added dimensions and were really bummed about Harry Potter's move to next summer, this next nibblet should help soften the blow -- IMAX has released word that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will get the 3D IMAX treatment. What bits will zoom out into the audience? Empire's sources say that 25 minutes, total, will be in 3D, which will be split between the opening and the finale. They are guessing that it's Voldemort's attacks and the Astronomy Tower showdown.

Now, since there are a whole bunch of months left before the release, I can only hope for one thing: 3D Spectrespecs. Yeah, it would take some work, but it's completely fitting for the film and infinitely cooler than those plain purple plastic things. It's the perfect, most suitable promotion for the film, and it seems wrong to wear the old-school 3D glasses as Luna dons her own superior pair.

Are you ready for more 3D Potter, and would you want some spectrespecs for the occasion?

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