As much as some might wish for a change that leads back to the days of Permanent Midnight and Reality Bites, Ben Stiller is superglued to comedy. Variety reports that he will direct a new flick, written by Kevin Napier, called The Station. Taking a cue from the success of Tropic Thunder, the comedy will focus on "a covert CIA office in South America." No specifics are being shared about what happens in this office, but it's not hard to imagine the possibilities when Stiller is involved.

But that's not the only South American comedy on the way. Variety also reports that Stephen Hopkins (Californication) has signed on to helm a romcom called Chasing Bohemia. This will be an adaptation of Carmen Michael's book Chasing Bohemia -- A Year of Living Recklessly in Rio de Janeiro.

Stateside, Variety posts that Barbarian Films has grabbed an indie action film called Jonah. Methinks Brandon Boyce, who wrote and will direct the pic, has been watching The Professional. The film centers on "a team of hitmen led by a veteran and his 14-year-old protege who are pursued by a hotshot FBI agent." His previous projects, Apt Pupil and Wicker Park, were interesting, so maybe he'll take this world of young kids and hitmen in an entirely new direction. But it might help to steer clear of the one-word name titles. Leon, meet Jonah.

Lastly: Would you ever merge romance with nuclear disaster? The Hollywood Reporter posts that Miramax has picked up a period romance drama called Muchas Gracias, Bob Oppenheimer. The film, based on a true story, will follow an American serviceman sent to Spain in the '60s after a military plane crashes, detonating four hydrogen bombs. He's meant to appease the fishing town, but while on the job, he gets himself some romance as well.
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