One is a giant silver robot who wants to destroy earth and the other is a 100-pound actress who wants to destroy the hearts and souls of single men (and women) everywhere by marrying "that dude from 90210." And yet ... we love them both.

A bunch of new images of what appear to be the latest version of Megatron have popped up online over at Latino Review, and since no one has put the kibosh on them after roughly 20 hours, there's a good chance these are the real deal. Each image includes the word 'Toy' near the bottom, featuring an image of a baby (sucking its thumb?) -- rather appropriate considering ... ya know. So, one imagines this is concept art for the eventual Megatron toy, based on what the robot will look like in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And what will he look like? Well, as you can see above (and over at LR), Megatron looks to be a tank this time around. A pretty badass tank if you ask me. Question is: Will Dark Knight dollars be shot out of that cannon, or what?

And since you all like to be kept in the loop when it comes to the ridiculous-yet-erotic exploits of Ms. Megan Fox, a new video has arrived online and it shows, in part, the gal auditioning for her role in the original Transformers. What you get is footage of Fox auditioning for the part, as well as what the actual scenes in the film looked like. Check out more Megan Fox pics and the video after the jump ...

Pictured: (left) The new face of Megatron and the beautiful face of Megan Fox (right)