Ever since Daniel Craig took over as James Bond and helped re-boot the entire franchise with a modern, serious spin, folks have wondered how far, exactly, they'd take our favorite secret agent. Not long ago there was a rumor that Bond would go full frontal in Casino Royale, but that came and went. And then, for some odd reason, fans pondered whether Bond would ever seduce a man ... or if a man would ever seduce him. Perhaps the rumor began when Craig co-starred in Infamous and shared a kiss with Toby Jones -- or maybe a select group of fans simply like to push the buttons of those who would rather ... let's just say not be down for watching Bond take on a homosexual experience.

Well, most of you have nothing to worry about (and I say 'most' because I know our readers like to get their freak on and wouldn't mind some Bond on Hanz action). While in London, Craig addressed the issue and, regarding whether Bond would ever seduce another man, he said: " No. Kill him and then seduce him [laughs] but not seduce him. This is that question that keeps eternally coming up but it's never been on the agenda and we've never had a discussion about it. It's not something that I desire or want. No." Or shall we call that a Double-O No?

What do you think? Is there room in the franchise for them to play around with this idea?


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