We haven't seen Billy Crystal on the big screen since Analyze That in 2002. Since then, he hasn't completely disappeared, but has only taken on a few voice projects and one brief stint as a Union Soldier on TV (I guess one could call him a City Slacker! Zing!). But now he's back, and it's all because of teeth.

Variety reports that Crystal has joined the cast of Tooth Fairy. (Get caught up here, here, and here.) This is that comedy where The Rock ... sorry, Dwayne Johnson, is a minor league hockey player skating around and knocking lots of dudes' teeth out. His disregard for dental gets him in trouble with the world of tooth fairies, and he's forced to become one for a week. Annoyingly, there's no mention of who, exactly, Crystal will play in the piece (Hockey coach? A fellow tooth fairy mentor? Perhaps the husband of Julie Andrews? -- I would hope fairy supervisors get more to their life than just teeth and glitter.)

So, there you have it. After 6 years, he's been lured back by tooth fairies. It's not what I would've expected, but hopefully it leads to more.
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