In Elisabeth's Geek Daily, she shared word about wacky Brett Ratner's visions for Batman. Oh yes, the Ratner has struck again -- it seems the Caped Crusader was his "thing" as a kid, and he's jealous that Christopher Nolan got to take it on. So, obviously, he started talking about spin-offs and sequels. While I could give you four reasons why Ratner is insane (where every one on the list would be the fact that he thinks a Halle Berry/Storm film would be a good idea), I'm going to stick with the Batman.

If Nolan never got the chance, but Ratner did ... who would he have cast?

4. Chris Tucker as The Riddler -- He's been through Rush Hour three times, and now he's in a Frank Sinatra pic under Ratner. Methinks Tucker will always have a gig in Brett's world. Heck, why spend $30 million on a better everything when you can just throw it all at Chris Tucker.

3. Halle Berry as Catwoman ... again -- Ratner likes to stick with the familiar, and If he liked her as Storm, I wouldn't be surprised if he likes her Catwoman too.

2. Playboy Playmates as Bruce Wayne's female entourage -- This, you know, would be 100% inevitable ... especially in a Brett Ratner film. Because why should Wayne feel tied down to one tough-as-nails lawyer/reporter when he can have several sexy sirens at his side. The Riddler kidnapped Wayne's sweetheart and is holding her hostage on the set of Next Next Next Friday? Oh well, luckily he has 11 more ... one for each month.

1. Brett Ratner as Batman -- Everyone tries a new part of the biz at some point during their career, so would feisty, casting couch-loving Ratner be able to resist the chance to bed Playmates on the big screen? It's the ultimate, immortalized act for a guy who loves his swingin' ways ... and the image of his beautiful masked face in the mirror. Creepy.

See what Ratner's Batman flick would look like in the gallery below ... but beware, your eyes may bleed filth. Dare we ask for your own casting choices ...

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