I'm not sure why or how it happened, but over the course of about three years I became obsessed with wearing slippers. Huge slipper nut right here! (I know there are other slipper freaks out there reading this, and if I could high five you right now, I totally would -- so long as I could keep my slippers on.) A friend sent a link my way for these groovy little Star Wars slippers available for purchase over on Think Geek. How awesome would you look strolling into a room armed with those Vader slippers and a martini? Seriously, you'd have to change your name to Awesomest Awesome PimpDaddy Jedi. Will they help you land a date? Not sure about that ... but if he/she doesn't love you and your Star Wars slippers, well, then I think we know of a detention area garbage chute they can be dumped in.

Also available over on Think Geek are Star Wars-related backpacks and plush toys. Check out a few in the gallery below, then head on over to the site and buy me everything for Christmas. Thanks in advance. You rock my force!

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