Can a Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?The true story of a little guy who goes up against Washington's powerful political machine.

In the movie 'Dave,'Kevin Kline plays an ordinary guy who ends up in Washington through a random fluke of fate (that is, the actual president suffers a stroke while boinking his secretary).

But in real life, sometimes an ordinary guy can make it to Washington the hard way. Or he can try, anyway.

'Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?' (OK, maybe not the greatest title in the world) tells the story of one such man. Jeff Smith -- even his name is average! -- was a professor at Washington University who decided to run for the congressional seat vacated by retiring Democratic Congressman Richard Gephardt.

He didn't win (oops, spoiler alert), but the fact that he almost won -- against Russ Carnahan, the son of a former governor of Missouri and and a former U.S. senator, no less -- speaks volumes to the enormous success that grassroots organizing can have, even in this day and age.

'Mr. Smith' won the audience choice award at the 2006 Silverdocs film festival. You can watch in full, or snag it onto your own site, from

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