Time is ticking down for Tim Robbins and company.

It's an intriguing story concept: To save humanity from apocalypse, an underground city was built for people to survive, but only to last 200 years (cheap dry wall, maybe?).

Jeanne Duprau's novel comes to life this fall in 'City of Ember,' which looks like the sort of throwback family adventure we've been missing since the mid-'80s. It's up to two kids (2007 Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan and Harry Treadaway) to find a way out. And better yet, it stars Bill Murray as mayor. Who wouldn't want to live in THAT city, no matter how doomed?

In this exclusive clip, Treadaway's Doon Harrow reveals to his kooky old inventor-type dad (Tim Robbins) that he may have found a passageway to the outside world.

'City of Ember' opens October 10.

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