Stan Lee"We have to make sure that the 'Iron Man' sequel does better than 'The Dark Knight' sequel."

Behind every great superhero, there's a great writer, and in the case of Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four and Iron Man, that scribe is Stan Lee.

With his trademark dark glasses and grandiose cadence, the former Marvel Comics chairman has become as iconic as the characters he helped create, thanks in part to his amusing movie cameos, like his two-minute turn as a Hugh Hefner wannabe in 'Iron Man.'

On the occasion of that hit flick's DVD release, Moviefone chatted with the comic book giant about the 'Iron Man' sequel, which stars we can expect to see in 2011's 'The Avengers' and how he felt about one of the few superhero flicks he had nothing to do with.
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