As insane as it would be to see a movie where Nick Nolte chats with God, that's not quite the Arcadia he's getting involved in. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Nolte, Haley Bennett, and Carter Jenkins have signed on for a coming-of-age indie called Arcadia Lost. Bennett and Jenkins star as pretty unlucky step-siblings -- mom and dad die in a car crash on their first family trip, and while on their own "the stunned teens roam the Greek countryside and befriend an expatriate vagabond (Nolte) who leads them to a mysterious spiritual ceremony." So it's kinda god-like, but in a style more fitting to Nolte. If this is your cup of tea, check out THR for info on tracking the film through Facebook.

And then there's the sleek and tough Maggie Q. Variety tells us she's going to star in a new historical action pic directed by Tian ZhuangZhuang called The Warrior and the Wolf. Tang Wei was originally linked to the film, but since Lust, Caution got her in trouble with China, methinks they looked elsewhere. Warrior will tell the story of two warriors in ancient China, and is currently in production in the Xinjiang province.

What probably won't be going into production any time soon, if ever, is a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. In a discussion with MTV, Anne Hathaway said: "I'm really, really proud of Fox's decision not to pursue a sequel. When I did Bride Wars with them I asked what happened, and they said we can't make a story, and it's not worth it to damage the original film." That being said, she has wished for a decent story for a sequel, and would continue the franchise if it was right. If Fox hasn't come up with something worthwhile yet, they probably won't (kudos to the studio for not forcing the issue) ... but maybe thoughts of more Andy will lead Hathaway to a similar role elsewhere.

One last little bit: George Clooney might be the Lone Ranger? Really? Could you see Clooney and Depp together? Check AICN for more.
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