From time to time, I'm known to check the Facebook and the Twitter and the Digg and all those social networking hot spots -- and one thing everyone is talking about today is not the long-awaited arrival of Nights in Rodanthe on the big screen, but the first presidential debate. In case you haven't heard, John McCain will indeed participate in what could be one of the most watched debates in television history ... unless you Nicholas Sparks fans have something to say about it.

Which brings me to another hot topic today: With such a steamy little number on the boob tube tonight, how many people do you really think will be going to the movies or renting a DVD? Will the box office fall silent? Or will more folks head out to the movie theater in order to escape the depressing realities back home? And where do you stand? Are you one of those people who'd rather avoid all this economic bailout stuff in favor of a movie or three? Or, have you been super-glued to your television set -- wishing for Anderson Cooper to just whisk you away to your own private paradise in Rodanthe (ahem, Ms. Rappe)?

Sound off below ...

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